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zigbeeBuckeye random football talk
(08-12-2022, 03:58 PM)TcSoup Wrote: Ohio State is a preseason 12.5+ point favorite at least in every Regular scheduled game for the 2022 Season .

I argue every year when people rail what  a great Coach, Meyers or Day is and my comeback is 95% of the time Ohio State has not better talent but superior talent across the board than every team they play in the regular season and you should judge them on the 5% of the games when the other team has Close to equal talent, equal talent or maybe better talent.

Ryan Day has been head coach going into his 4th year now. His last 2 predecessor's Won NC in Year 2 . And it wasn't like he stepped into a 9-4 , 8-5 program . He stepped into one of the Top 3 current jobs in the country.
There are always excuses i get it.
But i feel its time for him to Win A NC this year or be under heavy scrutiny come this time next year.
You'er either a Elite Coach or not with Coach being emphasized .

What says you.
Besides Dabo, Kirby, and Saban are there any elite coaches out there? What is your standard for being an “elite” college coach?
[Image: Fy1eRj7acAAnivP?format=jpg&name=small]
The forums are here..............Just need some posts
Make America Honest Again
tOSU just got a commit from 25’ Bellefontaine QB Tavien St. Clair. Have the Buckeyes ever had a player from Bellefontaine that anyone can remember?
Glenville pipeline back in business, Buckeyes just got a commit from CB Bryce West.
Buckeyes just got a commit from Justin Scott, 5 star monster DT. Said Coach Johnson was the reason he picked the good guys over scUM.
Awesome news....thanks STX
Make America Honest Again
Buckeyes just got a commit from 4 star Springfield (OH) CB Aaron Scott. First player from Springfield to sign w/ tOSU since Dee Miller back in the Cooper era (Braxton Miller is from Springfield but moved to Huber Heights for HS).

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