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ChinaBuckLet’s get ready to Rumble
Today I finally decided to check Rumble. I had no expectations that the quantity would match YouTube, but was certainly expecting more right leaning content. After all, Iâ€m all about confirming my biases. 

So far I give it a mixed review. An example, in the search bar I typed in Daily Wire. On the first page I got one video of someone speaking about some controversies at DW, a few Crowder vids, a chicken recipe  and a cat video. Nothing from the crew of Shapiro, Knowles, Walsh, Cooper or Klaven. And nothing on individuals who speak to similar topics that DW does. Very weird. 

I like the convenient filters bar, because I like to set it to most recent. 

Maybe I need to join to learn the secret handshake, maybe I should use my laptop, or maybe I just donâ€t belong on the internet. 

Who else peruses Rumble content and what are your experiences?
"Don't, I say don't bother me dog, can't ya see I'm thinkin'?"   Foghorn Leghorn

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