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For Pitch.. Cop related. (LSU)
Cop threatened to arrest LSU players who were smoking cigars in the locker room while they were celebrating after the big win.  The players thought he was just joking but he wasn't and announced he'd arrest anyone smoking at that point.
It's against the law to smoke in the Dome.
Policeman holding to the letter of the law. I assume Pitch is fully in favor.
Between her hysterics (borderline tears) to keep us out of the 2015 playoff and her whining about the cigar smoke, Heather Dinnich is gonna make someone a great nagging wife some day---if she doesn't already.  

Anyway, stupid/LAME move by the cop.  Gimmie a break.
As much as I want to say "let the kids celebrate", I think the cops did the right thing.  It's a tough situation.
“Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.”

–Potter Stewart
The police in Nashville actually told the dumbassses on city council that they would refuse to enforce some kind of stupid Airbnb inspection law or something dumb like that-they weren’t putting their asses on the line for big gov bs.
I was in NOLA last week and am kinda shocked the cop did this. I got the impression that the NOLA PD basically didn’t give much of a damn about anything short of weapons or violence. The entire city is an open container approved zone, as long as said container is a plastic cup-and size doesn’t matter-72oz big gulp size beer-no problem.
Not worth looking for again, but piece I read said another senior officer told the other to move along

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