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Eddie Money bites the dust sadly
#1   Found out one month ago he had stage four esophagal cancer  but had spread about his body.

Still one ticket to paradise left...
I guess Rosanna's going to have to find another dude to join her for a ride.
"Man is free at the instant he wants to be"
"2 Tickets to Paradise" or "Highway to Hell", what is his destination now?
RIP.  Many good songs and part of the sound track of my college years.
Drive like hell!!  You'll get there!
Real Money : Eddies Axis Cable show was actually fairly good.
He didn't back down or hide anything about his health .
His slogan was move forward every day and i'm going to turn the corner on this thing.
Respect his honesty and attitude.

RIP Eddie
I remember my HS graduating year of 86 being a big year in music.  Big come-back albums from: Steve Winwood,  Peter Gabriel, Journey, Van Halen/Hagar, Paul Simon and, of course, Eddie Money.

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