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Team Obama running shadow diplomacy with Iran?
While watching this, first thing that popped into my head was the infamous Logan Act.  Then the news guy uttered those very words himself.  What the hell is going on here?  Or is this where a couple posters tell me that this is rather typical and that there's nothing to see here?  

Logan Act:  Whoever smelled it, dealt it.  

IMO, which isn't worth much, the throwing around of the Logan Act charges in 2017 was a bunch of hooey. They were mentioning it in relation to Flynn and others who AFTER Trump was elected but not inaugurated were talking to Russia, etc.

They had position to do so. They were the incoming government.

IF this is happening now, by FORMER officials, it's a totally different matter. They have no standing, no authority. IMO it would be violations.
The Logan Act is basically dead letter now.
Nobody has ever been convicted under the Logan Act.

Trump should have Kerry's security clearance and passport revoked. He'll have to get his Ham Radio license to talk with Iran.

“Covey leader calling Raven, come in Raven”
“Covey leader calling Raven”
“Covey leader to Raven. Talk to me Johnny”
“Covey leader to identify Baker team: Kerry, Comey, Clinton, Rice, Yates, , Berry, Jarrett. Confirm. This is Ali Khamenei. Talk to me Johnny...”
"Man is free at the instant he wants to be"

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